Meet the Tasty! team

Hi! I'm Stefania, March 1984. I'm a practicing lawyer , always fond of philosophy and law.

I like practicing yoga and running in the park among tall trees and bunnies. During winter I love skiing on snowy mountains, while breathing clean and fresh air.
I read a lot. I love to sing Disney' songs and I love Japanese anime. Hence my passion for Asian food, in particular ramen and sushi.

I like to eat well, setting up a beautiful table. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to help my mother in the kitchen to prepare those which then I thought they were potions and spells. The homemade lasagna that boiled in the pot was one of my favorites.

When I was a teenager I was taking advantage of every opportunity to have a kitchen available (mine or the one of my friends) to prepare a recipe! Some of the recipes in our collection were born in those years, replicated and improved over time.
I have recently been going the path to become a vegetarian.

I share the passion for the "kitchen" with my husband, Alessandro. Together, we love to travel and discover always something new.

Hi! I'm Ineta, October 1987.
Logistics manager, passionate about photography, interior design and of course the delicious food!

Since my childhood I'm passionate about sweets and pastry making.
I love seeing people's expressions after the first bite of a cake or other pastries, because through words is not always possible to describe the feeling of what one is tasting.

By the time I also discovered my interest for savory dishes and cooking in all of its forms.
This interest, which I try to express in my dishes, turned soon into a real passion that I share with my boyfriend Jacopo.

Hello! I am Alessandro, October 1984.
I'm a software developer, since childhood I have been interested in graphics, first on paper now of course digital.

Today I realize that behind every aspect of our computers and smartphones there are always lines of clever code and commitment.

I cutout time to play tennis with friends, going for jogging, skiing and tease our cat Giulio!

I really like eating good food and I help my wife, Stefania, in the kitchen... by carrying heavy shopping bags and washing the dishes!!
We like to prepare the dishes together and afterwards we take pictures of our creations.

During our travels I'm dedicated in making videos and, back at home, I like to edit them in order to have beautiful memories.

Hi! I am Jacopo.

Android developer, interested in new technologies, mainly the mobile ones.
I am passionate about the good food and sports, especially football and basketball.